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Cherry Old Fashioned

This Cherry Old Fashioned is made with tart cherry liqueur, brandy, and lemon lime soda. You will love the fruity twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail. If you love cherry cocktails, you must try this Cherry Old Fashioned. All of the key parts of a classic Old Fashioned combine with tart cherry liqueur, and…
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Frozen Jack and Coke

This Frozen Jack and Coke recipe is a simple and caffeinated slushy that whiskey lovers will adore. Made with just two ingredients, you have to try this frozen spin on a cocktail classic! This recipe is a great way to change up your cocktail routine without having to buy a bunch of new ingredients or…
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Whiskey Smash

A whiskey Smash is a cocktail even non-whiskey lovers will enjoy! Like a Mint Julep, the fresh combination of mint and citrus complements the whiskey beautifully in a drink that is light, classy, and just as easy to make as it is to enjoy. The Whiskey Smash cocktail gets its name from muddling (or smashing)…
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Birthday Cake Pudding Shots

Birthday Cake Pudding Shots don’t have to be just for your birthday. These creamy and festive shots come together with simple ingredients and will be a party hit! Anyone who loves cake batter (and honestly, who doesn’t?) will love these decadent pudding shots. Creamy pudding, sweet cake vodka, whipped cream, and sprinkles…they are the perfect…
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Bees Knees Cocktail

This cocktail recipe is just what the name says it is- the Bees Knees! Combining gin, honey syrup, and lemon juice, it is the perfect combination of lightly sweet, tart, and clean, making it a lovely cocktail that tastes like sunshine. The common saying “Bees Knees” describes something outstanding or cool, and perfectly describes this…
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A Bellini captures the essence of summer in every sip. The simple combination of bubbly champagne and peach puree is refreshing and delightful. I love champagne cocktails that look and taste fancy, but are easy to make. Made with just two simple ingredients – sparkling Prosecco and luscious peach puree that can be made with…
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Blue Hawaiian

Want to feel like you’re on the beaches of Hawaii without spending a full day of travel to get there? This Blue Hawaiian cocktail is the perfect way to do it. It is a fantastic drink with a refreshing, tropical flavor and fun blue hue that make it irresistible! Essentially an ocean-tinted version of a…
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For the BEST margarita recipe, look no further! This refreshing classic comes together with only three ingredients. Made with homemade sweet and sour mix, use this recipe to make a single drink or a whole pitcher. There are many variations and flavors of margaritas, but nothing beats the classic original. Margaritas are a classic for…
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Watermelon Rum Punch

This watermelon rum punch recipe is the perfect party cocktail. With fruity, refreshing flavor and a bright pink color, this cocktail packs a punch and will be your new favorite summer drink. This fruity rum recipe is the perfect cocktail to serve a crowd. The juicy and sweet watermelon pairs beautifully with tart pineapple, lime…
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Pink Lemonade Vodka Punch

Take your summer cocktails to the next level with this tasty Pink Lemonade Vodka Punch. Made with just three ingredients, this refreshing pink drink recipe whips up in a snap and can be stretched to please a crowd. Pink Lemonade is as much a summertime staple as a backyard swimming pool or a neighborhood picnic.…
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Amaretto Stone Sour

Amaretto Stone Sour is a citrusy twist on the classic Amaretto Sour. It is sweet and tart with the perfect rich nutty amaretto complement. The addition of orange juice sets the cocktail apart from the classic happy hour favorite and makes it perfect for brunch! If you’re worried about this drink being too sweet, fear…
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Hugo Spritz

This Hugo Spritz recipe is the perfect fresh cocktail with mint and floral flavors. Grab your favorite sparkling wine to make this simple and delicious cocktail. Originating in Italy, floral liqueur combines with the fizz of sparkling wine and fresh mint to create this Hugo Spritz recipe. It follows the standard 3-2-1 ratio like other…
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glass of margarita with ice, salted rim, and lime
Margarita"This is literally the best margarita I’ve ever had! I can’t get over how good it is." - Becky
Moscow Mule Slush served in copper mug with straws and lime wedge. Additional lime wedges beside.
Moscow Mule Slush"This has become a favorite of ours! We make it every time we have a party." - Jessica
two glasses of strawberry margarita sangria with sugar coated rim
Strawberry Margarita Sangria"I made this for a party and it was a huge hit! Everyone asked for the recipe!" - Jenn