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Chuck Norris Shot

This Chuck Norris Shot is sweet and spicy. Made with just four ingredients, including one you may not expect in a cocktail, it will kick your party up a notch. Like the popular actor and martial artist it is named after, you won’t know what hit you with this easy shot recipe. Similar to the…
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Mai Tai

This Mai Tai cocktail recipe is simple and treats your tastebuds to the authentic Mai Tai experience. Fruity and nutty, this tropical rum drink is perfection. The original Mai Tai recipe originated in the 1940’s in California. Although many of these that are served today have been sweetened up with pineapple and orange juices, we…
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Baby Guinness Shot

This Baby Guinness Shot recipe looks like a tiny pint of Guinness and tastes so delicious. Kahlua and Bailey’s layer up for this boozy coffee shot. Though this recipe does not actually contain the popular Guinness stout, this shot is an adorable miniature lookalike. Floating the Irish cream on top of coffee liqueur mimics the…
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Strawberry Mojito

This is the best Strawberry Mojito recipe with its beautiful presentation and invigorating flavor. Feel like you are at a fancy restaurant in your own backyard with this smooth, refreshing rum cocktail. A fruity spin on the traditional Mojito recipe, strawberry mojitos are an easy and refreshing summer cocktail. Sure to quench your thirst, this…
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Three Wise Men Shot

Three popular whiskeys mix in this Three Wise Men Shot. This straight-whiskey shot cuts right to the chase and is a favorite of whiskey lovers. The name of this shot recipe comes from the whiskey trio of ingredients that are each named after men in the whiskey business. Although these are all types of whiskey,…
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Salted Nut Roll Shot

This Salted Nut Roll shot is the perfect blend of salty and sweet. Hazelnut liqueur, peanut butter whiskey, RumChata, and heavy cream combine to make this candy bar-inspired shooter. This creamy shot recipe is simple to shake up and will become a party favorite. The combination of sweet flavors along with the nutty bite of…
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Dirty Shirley Slush

This easy Dirty Shirley Slush recipe is a summer spin on the classic Dirty Shirley cocktail. Made with just four ingredients, you will crave this delicious adult slushy all summer long! Cool off this summer with this delicious frozen Dirty Shirley recipe. A taste of childhood with a frozen adult spin, this slushy is a…
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Cherry Bomb Shot

This cherry bomb shot recipe is a sweet classic. With a caffeine boost and a boozy punch, this three-ingredient bomb is fruity and delicious. Made with cherry vodka, grenadine, and Red Bull, the fruity cherry bomb drink shot is sure to be a hit. These shots come together quickly, making them a go-to energizer to…
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Frozen Cosmos

This Frozen Cosmos recipe is made with just four ingredients and is so refreshing. Cool off all summer long with this delicious adult slushy recipe! Turning a classic cocktail into a summer treat could not be easier or more delicious than this frozen cosmopolitan. A quick stir and some time in the freezer overnight create…
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Fourth of July Jello Shots

These patriotic Fourth of July Jello Shots are fruity, smooth, and delicious. Layered red, white, and blue, bring the fireworks to your summer party with these festive shooters! We love the excitement a festive jello shot adds to a party, and these Fourth of July jello shots are no expectation! Smooth vodka in a cool,…
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Mini Beer Shot

This Mini Beer Shot recipe uses only two ingredients and is the cutest shot around. Make a platter of these miniature pints for your next party or tailgate! The “beer” in this shot is only in the presentation, as there is no actual beer in this recipe. This sweet liqueur and heavy cream shooter tastes…
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Fourth of July Sangria

This Fourth of July Sangria recipe is a patriotic white sangria that is simple and delicious. Perfect to sip on before, during, or after fireworks, this sangria recipe will be a favorite summer cocktail. This red, white, and blue sangria recipe comes together with a few ingredients and is so refreshing. This is a great…
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glass of margarita with ice, salted rim, and lime
Margarita"This is literally the best margarita I’ve ever had! I can’t get over how good it is." - Becky
frosted copper mug with moscow mule slush
Moscow Mule Slush"This has become a favorite of ours! We make it every time we have a party." - Jessica
two glasses of strawberry margarita sangria with sugar coated rim
Strawberry Margarita Sangria"I made this for a party and it was a huge hit! Everyone asked for the recipe!" - Jenn