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Posted: 05/04/23

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy

Whether you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo or hosting friends on your patio this summer, these margarita recipes are so delicious! From the classic original recipe to a variety of fun flavor options, you can make the best margaritas right at home. Make individual cocktails or a pitcher for a crowd, these recipes taste better than any store-bought mix or restaurant margarita!

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Classic Margarita Recipes

There is nothing boring about these classic margarita recipes. From the tried and true original recipe to a few upgrades and switches, you will want to make these on-the-rocks recipes on repeat this summer.


For the BEST margarita recipe, look no further! This refreshing classic comes together with only three ingredients so you'll be in Margaritaville in no time. Tart, sweet, and the kick of tequila check all the boxes when it comes to a delicious cocktail.
glass of margarita with ice, salted rim, and lime

Margarita Mix

A really good margarita mix is the base of a really good margarita. This homemade margartia mix is so easy and only requires a few simple ingredients + five minutes of your time. It will make your margaritas so much more fresh and delicious!
bottle of homemade margarita mix with fresh lemons and limes

Golden Margarita

A golden spin on the classic margarita we all know and love, this Golden Margarita recipe features gold tequilla, which has vanilla, caramel, and oak flavors. This citrusy cocktail is invigorating and sure to quench your thirst. Grab your gold tequila and enjoy!
Golden margarita served in a clear glass over ice with a salted rim and lime wedge garnish.

Cadillac Margarita

There's a reason this margarita is called a Cadillac Margarita- it's top of the line! With a few upgrades and premium ingredients, this will really step up your margarita game. It is sophisticated and delicious yet simple to make, making it the ultimate margarita.
two glasses of Cadillac Margarita with salted rim, ice, and lime wedge garnish

Grand Marnier Margarita

Starring Grand Marnier, a top-shelf orange-flavored liqueur that packs an extra citrus punch, this Grand Marnier Margarita recipe is refreshing, simple, and hits the spot every time.
Photo of Grand Marnier Margarita served in a glass of ice with a salted rim and a lime wedge as garnish.

Coconut Margarita

With its creamy texture and tropical flavor, you will feel like you're on vacation whenever you enjoy one of these coconut margaritas!
Glass of Coconut Margarita with ice and toasted coconut rim with garnished with lime wedge

Blue Margarita

The addition of blue curacao gives a festive twist with its citrusy orange flavor and bright blue hue. Its invigorating flavor and ocean-tinted color really make it stand out, requiring only four ingredients and a cocktail shaker.
two glasses of blue margarita with salted rims, ice, and fresh lime wedge

Texas Margarita

This Texas Margarita recipe provides a tropical oasis right at home. With a freshing citrus twist from the addition of orange juice, this citrusy cocktail is refreshing to sip all year round.
Photo of Texas Margarita recipe served in two glasses, each garnished with an orange slice and a lime wedge.

Mezcal Margarita

This Mezcal Margarita recipe is one you definitely have to try. Easy to make and packed with a unique smoky flavor and boozy punch, this margarita will take you on an adventure with each delicious sip.
Photo of two glasses of Mezcal Margaritas garnished with salted rims and lime wedges. A bottle of mezcal sits on the counter in the background.

Italian Margarita

This Italian Margarita recipe is light and perfectly sweet. It features the signature almond flavor of Amaretto creating a unique margarita that is balanced and smooth.
Photo of Italian Margarita recipe served in a glass with a salted rim and garnished with an orange slice. Lime wedges lay on the counter beside the glass.

Fruity Margarita Recipes

Fruit and margaritas go together like chips and salsa. A great way to add different flavors to your margaritas to keep things exciting, these simple recipes are sure to cool you down this summer. These refreshing fruity margaritas are sweet and perfect for your next gathering or a relaxing night on the patio.

Strawberry Margarita

Grab your blender and mix up a batch of this sublimely sweet and simple Strawberry Margarita! Frozen strawberries keep this blended cocktail recipe ice cold without getting watered down, making it a refreshing and fruity treat for any occasion!
glass of frozen strawberry margarita with sugared rim and fresh strawberry garnish

Pineapple Margarita

Sweet, fresh, and icy cold, this Pineapple Margarita recipe combines the elements of a delicious margarita with sweet, rejuvenating pineapple and will make you feel like you are relaxing on a beach with your toes in the sand. It'll be five o'clock wherever you are with this Pineapple Margarita in hand!
two glasses of pineapple margarita with salted rim

Malibu Pineapple Margarita

This Malibu Pineapple Margarita is sweet, tart, and refreshing with the blended flavors of pineapple and coconut. Escape to the beach with each sip of this tropical-inspired margarita recipe.
two sugared rim glasses of malibu pineapple margarita with coconut

Blood Orange Margarita

This Blood Orange Margarita is at the top of our margarita list. Featuring juice from a blood-red citrus fruit whose flavor and color make it a show stopper, this margarita recipe is a must-try! The tartness of the blood orange pairs perfectly with tequila to create a delicious cocktial.
glass of blood orange margarita with ice and blood orange wedge garnish

Combination Margaritas

These combination margarita recipes combine another popular drink type with a margarita resulting in delicious and refreshing cocktails. You don’t have to choose one or the other when you can have both in these combination margaritas. Switch things up with these fun and unique margarita recipes!

Apple Cider Margaritas

The combination of two favorites: margaritas and fall, this apple cider margarita recipe is a tried and true crowd pleaser. The cozy fall flavors of sweet apple cider combined with a kick of tequila, this cocktail is crisp and tangy.
two glasses of apple cider margaritas with ice, apple slices, and cinnamon sugar rim. Cinnamon sticks, red apple and green apple surrounding.

Mojito Margarita

This Mojito Margarita is the perfect balance of mint, lime, and tequila. If choosing between a margarita and a mojito has you longing for one of each, this is the recipe for you! This icy cocktail combines minty mojito with tangy-sweet margarita, resulting in a pitcher full of flavor that you'll be sipping all year round.
two glasses of Mojito Margarita with fresh mint leaves and lime wedges surrounding

Margarita Milkshakes

The fresh lime and orange flavor of my original Margarita recipe pairs beautifully with cold, creamy ice cream in this simple Margarita Milkshake. The perfect summery adult treat, this dessert cocktail is smooth and so delicious!
margarita milkshake in a tall milkshake glass with whipped cream and lime zest

Margarita Sangria Recipes

These margarita sangria recipes are perfect for serving a crowd. They feature the best parts of your favorite margarita along with the delicious ease of sangria.

Strawberry Margarita Sangria

Can this Strawberry Margarita Sangria be considered a love language? Because it's one of mine! This delightful, frosty drink carries the kick of a margarita we all know and love, along with the sweetness of fresh strawberries and the tartness of white wine. Consider yourself hostess with the most-ess with this tried and true crowd pleaser!
two glasses of strawberry margarita sangria with sugar coated rim

Tropical Margarita Sangria

A blend between a margarita and sangria, this Tropical Margarita Sangria recipe starts with white wine and then adds some simple ingredients. This easy cocktail is a fun twist on a traditional white sangria recipe, and is the perfect pitcher to mix up for a crowd this summer.
Four wine glasses of Tropical Margarita Sangria garnished with a slice of pineapple. Fresh strawberries and kiwi sitting beside.

Cranberry Orange Margarita Sangria

Our Margarita Sangria is a fruity blend of white wine, fresh fruit, fruit juice, triple sec, and tequila. The ingredients are easy to find all year round, especially if you use frozen cranberries.
Photo of Cranberry Orange Margarita Sangria in a stemless wine glass with a golden rim with a second glass, pitcher, and orange in the background.

Lisa Longley has been creating great recipes for more than a decade. While it is too hard for her to pick her favorite cocktail, she is known to love our dirty martini.

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